Familo. The family network. Today's way of family life

Familo offers secure and convenient location-based communication for the everyday life of the world's strongest social network - families. Familo features check-ins, messaging, photo exchange and help alerts for all family members.

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About Venista Ventures

Venista Ventures is an early-stage investment and holding company specializing in smart mobile ideas based on profound market experience. We create businesses and invest in startups driven by mobile-centered innovations. Besides providing financing, Venista also offers technical and legal expertise, marketing knowledge and strong support for mobile entrepreneurs to guide their ideas from concept to market.

We have a specific approach that draws from our own experience in initiating businesses. For more than ten years, Venista Ventures has been dedicated to driving and enabling mobile innovations. Our strong belief is that developing and implementing an innovative, successful business will only work if you have the right combination of idea, team and supporting partners. We at Venista are committed to becoming such a strong partner. We take great pride in helping our portfolio companies achieve their goals.

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We'll support the growth of your dedicated mobile business

You have a mobile business idea that solves a real problem and taps a great market potential? You're invited to convince us and get us excited about your future company. Our experienced team is ready to be as supportive as possible to get things right for your market entry. Pre-seed and seed financing is what we can offer in the first place. In addition, we also help you overcome legal or administrative constraints, identify and implement a marketing strategy and provide crucial IT support.

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We're looking for the best mobile talents. Let's make things happen!

Venista Ventures is a strong player in the mobile industry. Our team consists of employees from a host of different backgrounds. They're united in sharing the same passion for mobile businesses and this dynamic global market. We at Venista Ventures offer jobs for people willing to excel in a fast-evolving environment, from IT specialists to communication experts, from graphic designers to product managers. Impress us with your personal touch!

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