Watching is good. Playing is even better.

Mobile is changing the way we interact, shop, communicate, have fun, behave - simply said the whole way we live. We at Venista Ventures are dedicated to driving and enabling mobile innovations. We support entrepreneurs with scalable mobile-centered business ideas. We believe: Developing and implementing an innovative and successful business will only work if you have the right combination of idea, team and partners. We are committed to helping our portfolio companies arrive there.
We provide early investments to entrepreneurs in the pre-seed and seed funding stages. We invest in and support entrepreneurs and teams with full determination to creating a great mobile business. We expect a clear and comprehensive plan, full commitment and the unconditional will to execute and to succeed. In addition to our investment, we are a partner for our portfolio companies, supporting them with technical assistance, business planning, legal, financial, PR and marketing advice.


Venista Ventures is focusing on full support for entrepreneurs in the mobile space.


Our key activities:


Pre-seed and seed investments (50K to 300K Euro)

Mentoring and management support


Supporting entrepreneurs or start-ups with various services, be it consultation, marketing, PR, legal, HR/Recruiting, etc.


We're more than happy to share our experience with you, to advise you, talk about your ideas and, who knows, start a joint venture. The first step is to contact us with your idea.