When it comes to discussing new business opportunities, cooperating with our ventures and overseeing their strategic development, our management is a key partner for founders.

Within the management team, Kai Schmude, our Chief Operating Officer, is responsible for the evaluation of potential investments and the management of our portfolio companies.

We have quite a history in a young market environment: We started in the spirit of friendship and have built a global mobile operation. Setting foot in the early boom years, Venista soon established itself as a worldwide actor. Broadening expertise and presence, we have retained independence to grow into a mobile think tank at the forefront of mobile communications.

Two guys joining together at a young age, quitting their studies and former careers - Christian and Oliver started their first company in 1999. They combine to give

Venista the leadership and outlook that has driven the company to be successful since its setup. One analytic, the other outgoing - they're sure to be one thing: mobile entrepreneurs.

Venista Ventures is specializing in early-stage investments. We invest in start-ups driven by mobile-centered innovations or ideas that put high priority on mobile adoption. We provide pre-seed and seed-financing, but also technical expertise, marketing knowledge and full support necessary for mobile entrepreneurs to guide their ideas from concept to market.