Every Third Online Purchase Made Via Mobile

- Mobile Marketing Magazine, 28th May, 2014


Mobile Data Volume Increasing Rapidly in Germany

- Bitkom, 14th May, 2014


Browser Producer Opera Absorbs Mobile-Ad Startup Apprupt

- gründerszene.de, 30th April, 2014


Mobile Advertising Continues to Lag Behind Traditional Advertising Channels

- Nielsen, 17th April, 2014


Carjump Gets Six-Digit Funding to Internationalize Their App

- gründerszene.de, 11th April, 2014


Live TV App Enables Real-Time Tracking of TV Ratings

- Werben und Verkaufen, 7th April, 2014


21 Per Cent of Mobile Video Consumers Watch Content Up to Three Hours a Week

- Mobile Entertainment, 1st April, 2014


Hamburg Institutions Support Local Startup Scene

- kress.de, 24th March, 2014


Fashion Startup Rebelle Secures Seven Digit Funding

- gründerszene.de, 19th March, 2014


Mobile Internet Usage Increases by 13 Per Cent in 2013

- Kress, 11th March, 2014


Time Spent Using Mobile Apps Exceeds Desktop Web Access

- nielsen, 7th March, 2014


Foursquare Reported to Achieve Revenue Increase of 600 Per Cent

- Techcrunch, 6th March, 2014


Roaming Rates Cost Mobile Operators 300 Million Customers

- telecoms.com, 17th February, 2014


Mobile Gambling Market to Reach USD 62 Billion in Revenues by 2018

- Juniper Research, 14th February, 2014


42 Per Cent of Journalists Get Information via Mobile Devices

- news aktuell, 03rd February, 2014


NFL To Launch Streaming Video Network App

- Business Insider, 31st January, 2014


Smartphone Users More Attent to Outdoor Advertising Than Others

- Ray Morgan Research, 20th January, 2014


First Fully Secure Smartphone is Set for Deploy

- Blackphone Press Release, 15th January, 2014


Less Than 0.01 Per Cent of Apps Financially Successful

- Mobile Marketing Magazine, 13th January, 2014


Mobile Retail Purchases to Hit 707 Billion US Dollar in 2018

- Juniper Research, 10th January, 2014


Internet Access via Mobile Device Still Growing in Germany

- mobilbranche.de, 07th January, 2014


More than a Half of German Startups Maintain Social Network Profiles

- Focus, 06th January, 2014


Moovit Secures USD 28 Million Funding

- Business Insider, 19th November, 2013


Foursquare Tests Automatic Location-Based Ads

- Horizont.at, 17th November, 2013


Athletes can provide anti-doping data by smartphone

- WADA, 13th November, 2013


To-Do App Startup 6Wunderkinder Secures USD 30 Million

- TechCrunch, 04th November, 2013


Mobile Gaming Increases in Popularity, Not Revenues

- eMarketer, 25th October, 2013


Facebook App Launches Mobile Video Ads

- internetworld.de, 22th October, 2013


40 Per Cent of YouTube Traffic Comes Via Mobile

- TechCrunch, 18th October, 2013


Increasing Smartphone Penetration Drives Overall Online Sales

- Mobile Marketing Magazine, 17th October, 2013


Mobile Video Usage: Smartphones and Tablets do Not Cannibalize Each Other

- mobilbranche.de, 10th October, 2013


Axel Springer Takes Over Majority Stake in Runtastic

- Handelsblatt, 02nd October, 2013


Citymapper Wins New York Travel App Contest

- Financial Times, 27th September, 2013


80 Per Cent of Mobile Users Willing to Share Location Data With Brands

- Mobile Marketer, 26th September, 2013


Mobile Ad Spend Sees Growth of Nearly 80 Per Cent in 2013

- Mobile Marketing Magazine, 25th September, 2013


Google Buys Wireless Connection Startup Bump

- theverge.com, 17th September, 2013


iOS Users Utilize Almost Twice as Many Apps as Android Users

- TNS Infratest, 11th September, 2013


Voice Ads to Initiate Dialogue with User

- com-magazin.de, 4th September, 2013


audioguideMe Offers Location-based Storytelling

- mobilbranche.de, 3rd September, 2013


Android App Revenues to Hit USD 6.8 Billion in 2013

- ABI Research, 2nd September, 2013


Shpock Secures Seven-Digit Range Euro Funding

- gründerszene.de, 30th August, 2013


“Der Spiegel” is the Most Frequented Mobile News Brand in Germany

- meedia.de, 29th August, 2013


Smartphone Usage Increases – Corporate Mobile Websites Disappoint

- BVDW, 28th August, 2013


Study: New Insights Regarding App Development Costs

- mobilbranche.de, 22nd August, 2013


Mobile Web Traffic Peaks and Increases by 6 Per Cent From 2012 to 2013

- mashable.com, 21st August, 2013


Motory Gets Six Digit Funding From Two Private Investors

- gründerszene.de, 20th August, 2013


mCommerce Grows Fast as Old Web Sales Stagnate

- Mobile Marketing Magazine, 19th August, 2013


Social Media Marketing Increases in German Companies

- Bitkom, 16th August, 2013


Nearly One Third of Website Visits Come From Mobile

- Digital Journal, 15th August, 2013


German Students Start Fewer Companies

- gründerszene.de, 12th August, 2013


Google Maps Shows Local Ads Based on Users’ Searches

- techcrunch.com, 9th August, 2013


Mobile Consumption of Sports Remains Static

- mobilbranche.de, 31st July, 2013


Windows Phone Users Are the Most Satisfied Mobile Shoppers

- Internetretailer.com, 30th July, 2013


Over 50 Per Cent of Smartphone Users Want Banks to Manage Their Mobile Shopping

- Mobile Entertainment, 19th July, 2013


Reflecting the Global Trend, UK Tablet Usage Triples in a Year

- Mobile Marketing Magazine, 17th July, 2013


ShopLove gets Seven Digit Euro Sum from Bauer Digital

- mobilbranche.de, 16th July, 2013


About 9 Per Cent of Americans Use Their Smartphone During Sex

- Mashable.com, 12th July, 2013


APAC Still the Largest Market for Mobile Advertising

- kress.de, 11th July, 2013


Zimory Secures USD 20Mn Funding from Deutsche Börse AG

- Der Tagesspiegel, 9th July, 2013


Mobile Gaming Mums in Line With the Trend

- Mobile Entertainment, 3rd July, 2013


Over 160 Billion Apps to be Downloaded in 2017

- Juniper Research, 2nd July, 2013


NumberFour Secures Seed Funding of USD 38mn

- mobilbranche.de, 27th June, 2013


65 per Cent of German Print Media Do Not Provide a Mobile Website

- Adzine, 26th June, 2013


Microsoft to Open Own Startup Centre in Berlin

- gründerszene.de, 25th June, 2013


30 Per Cent of British Internet Users book travel via mobile

- mobilbranche.de, 21st June, 2013


Further Proof of Google’s Dominance of the Mobile Advertising Market

- eMarketer.com, 17th June, 2013


App User Base Growing Rapidly by 215 Per Cent Annually

- mobilbranche.de, 14th June, 2013


Hanse Ventures to Start Own Second-Hand Clothing Portal

- deutsche-startups.de, 13th June, 2013


iZettle Gets USD 6.6m From Banco Santander

- Techcrunch, 12th June, 2013


Mobile Advertising Revenues to Hit USD 27bn by 2017

- Werben und Verkaufen, 6th June, 2013


Mobile Commerce Accounts for 20.2% of UK Web Sales

- internetretailer.com, 5th June, 2013


AppLift Secures 13m US-Dollar From Prime Ventures

- deutsche-startups.de, 4th June, 2013


Google Set to Pass Apple in App Competition

- Financial Times, 3rd June, 2013


Bitkom Study: E-Learning is Mobilizing

- BITKOM, 31st May, 2013


SumUp Secures Double Digit Funding Millions

- Berliner Morgenpost, 29th May, 2013


Hub:raum To Support Dutch Startup Vigour

- Gründerszene, 28th May, 2013


Mobiles Make Up a Quarter of Daily Media Consumption

- Mobile Marketing Magazine, 24th May, 2013


Second Screen and Mobile Shopping In Line With the Trend

- Adzine, 21st May, 2013


Tickethelden Develops Mobile Ticket Platform

- deutsche-startups.de, 8th May, 2013


German Smartphone Users Are ‘Always On’

- BVDW, 6th May, 2013


Infographics: Mobile Video Usage Increases

- mobilbranche.de, 30th April, 2013


$1.7m in Funding for News App Simply

- Gründerszene, 29th April, 2013


Study Indicates Big Data’s Increasing Relevance

- Adzine, 23th April, 2013


iLiga Secures Ten Million Euro from Earlybird

- Berliner Morgenpost, 19th April, 2013


Rewe to Start Own Incubator

- Wirtschaftswoche, 16th April, 2013


Real-time Location Ads to be Worth €6.5bn in 2017

- Mobile Marketing Magazine, 12th April, 2013


eBay to Commercialize User Data

- Adweek, 9th April, 2013


Apple's Mobile Surfing Share Grows Further

- mobilszene.de, 4th April, 2013


Two News Apps That Make News

- mobilbranche.de, 26th March, 2013


JustBook Announces Relaunch of Hotel App

- mobilbranche.de, 6th March, 2013


Germany’s Startup Scene: Rösler has a plan

- The Wall Street Journal, 19th February, 2013


Google CEO Hints Mobile Advertising May Become More Expensive Than Desktop

- Business Insider, 24th January, 2013


How M2M is being used to prevent deforestation in Brazil

- GigaOm, 18th January, 2013


Apple rolls out China credit facility

- Financial Times, 17th January, 2013


Europe’s four biggest mobile operators look to combine their services

- Memeburn, 13th January, 2013


M-commerce up 81 per cent in 2012

- Mobile Entertainment, 12th January, 2013


Huge smartphone sales fuel Samsung’s $8.3 billion quarter

- VentureBeat, 8th January, 2013


Indiegogo: data proves German stereotypes are wrong

- GigaOM, 4th December, 2012


GTX Messaging Celebrates 20 Years of the SMS

- GTX Messaging, 3rd December, 2012


Google Play surging in Asia

- Inside Mobile Apps, 30th November, 2012


The new app economy – 10 reasons why the future of business is indisputably mobile

- Venture Village, 8th November, 2012


T-Mobile boss threatens to quit Austria

- Reuters, 31st October, 2012


What people really want from mobile money services in emerging markets

- Memeburn, 24th October, 2012


SMS Goes Social

- Mobile Marketing, 15th October, 2012


Motorola Mobility stops selling phones and tablets in Germany

- Mobile Entertainment, 10th October, 2012


The Great Tech War Of 2012: On The Mobile Pay Front

- Fast Company, 9th October, 2012


Mobile growth in China causing buzz

- China Daily, 5th October, 2012


8 African mobile money services that aren’t MPesa

- Memeburn, 4th October, 2012


Mobile devices increase news consumption

- Journalism.co.uk, 2nd October, 2012


What You Should Know About Measuring Your Mobile App

- ClickZ, 1st October, 2012


U.S. Lagging In Mobile Commerce, Far East In The Lead

- Fast Company, 27th September, 2012


Experts warn: SMS Alternative Proves Insecure

- Spiegel Online, 17th September, 2012


Mobile map users to reach 600m by 2015

- China Daily, 6th September, 2012


Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile and Orange win EU thumbs-up for mobile wallet scheme

- ZDNet, 5th September, 2012


Four entrepreneurs share how to excel in emerging markets

- The Next Web, 4th September, 2012


7 myths about mobile finance that need to be busted

- Memeburn, 30th August, 2012


What Start-Ups Need to Know About Protecting Intellectual Property

- ReadWriteWeb, 29th August, 2012


Apple’s victory against Samsung can reshape mobile sector

- The Economic Times, 27th August, 2012


Berlin finally starts championing its tech hub

- GigaOM, 22nd August, 2012


The benefit of mobile apps in healthcare

- The Guardian, 21st August, 2012




28 May 2014


Every Third Online Purchase Made Via Mobile


According to the UK industry association IMRG (Interactive Media in Retail Group) and the management consultancy Capgemini over a third of online retail sales in the United Kingdom are executed via smartphones as well as tablet PCs. The report, which is based on results from February to April 2014, shows that mcommerce rose from 20 per cent in the same period last year to 34 per cent.


At the same time, the percentage of visits to online retailers coming from a mobile device also rose from 30 to 48 per cent.



Oliver Bronner, Co-founder, stylemarks

December 2014


Tanja Kufner, Co-Managing Director, Startupbootcamp

November 2014