Venista Ventures and its companies are characterized by a strong emphasis on teamwork. Our employees share common values and goals as they cooperate closely as a tight-knit group. This is a place where business growth is realized in a spirit of friendship and where every achievement is considered an achievement of the whole group.

We believe in the need for our teams to have the freedom to explore their potentials as entrepreneurs. At Venista Ventures, employees are bestowed with their own responsibilities and can shape their own work to a remarkably high degree. Results are visible and motivation is high as people bring their personal strengths into an open environment.

We combine success and security. Our mobile business ideas are set in fast-growing markets, and many of the projects we develop are successful within a short period of time. While the dynamics are extreme, we hold an important asset that many other players can’t offer: We have, we are and we will continue to shape the mobile industry into the future.

Our head office is not just located in a beautifully renovated brick building from the Industrial Era of the 19th Century, but it also sits in the heart of one of Europe’s most enjoyable cities, Cologne. We’re proud to show this place to applicants, visitors and friends: This is where we not only work hard together, but also enjoy celebrating as a team.