our mission

We fund ideas that enrich a mobile world


We invest in mobile

As an investor, Venista Ventures provides financial resources to startups with excellent mobile ideas, a scalable business model and promising market potential.

Our key investment
  • Angel, pre-seed,
    seed investments
  • Mobile business
    and digital media startups
  • Geographic focus on Germany
    and Northern Europe
  • Lead and co-investment,
    syndication with partners
  • Potential for co-operation with
    Venista's full-time specialists

If you are looking for an investment in your startup with a business model matching our mobile focus, we're happy to invite you to pitch your idea.


We advance mobile

Venista Ventures also is an accelerator for innovative mobile businesses. We have a growing team of specialists that advance and operate digital startups.

Our key partner, accelerator
and advancement activities
  • Legal, technical, finance, HR & PR,
    marketing & sales support
  • Mentoring, management assistance,
  • Market launch and
    ramp-up activities
  • Introduction to vast
    partner network
  • Co-founding and hosting companies
    in our office (if desired and available)

Venista's staff is specialized in niche mobile operations. If you are looking for a partner that will advance your mobile startup, feel free to contact us.

Our Business

To execute and to succeed

Mobile is constantly changing the way we interact. Shopping, communication, having fun – mobile devices affect everything, even our plain behavior. Put simply, the whole way we live has changed. There are now more than 6.5 billion mobile subscribers that make up more than 90 per cent of the world's population and the mobile subscriber base is still growing. With steady growth in an ever-changing industry, we hold the strong belief that there are highly promising mobile ideas yet to be discovered and supported.

Therefore, we invest in entrepreneurs and teams with full determination to create a great mobile business. We expect a clear and comprehensive plan, full commitment and the unconditional will to execute and succeed.

Christian Teichert, CEO & Founder
Our Approach

"Advancing innovative enterprises."

We are dedicated to enabling and driving innovative business models and supporting entrepreneurs with great mobile-centered business ideas. It is our core belief that success in the digital economy is based on the perfect match of business model, team and supporting partners.

Frank Maschmeier, COO
  • From idea to market

    Buontalenti (inventor, gelato) had the Medicis. Faddell (inventor, iPod) had Apple. Who do you have? Venista wants to see great ideas recognized and rewarded. By becoming a Venista Venture, you will receive all support to get your idea ready for market entry in order to turn your idea into a bright reality.

  • Networking and mentoring

    Our profile and operations are truly international. The Venista network helps new ideas get the right connection to the market. Venista Ventures has an international scope and strong interfaces to partners that fit your individual needs. We work with our partners to analyze global mobile markets for great products and to define market specific development plans as well as product strategies.

  • Not just an investor; a partner.

    Venista Ventures is more than just a venture capital company. In addition to early-stage financing, we work hand in hand with mobile entrepreneurs, providing fundamental advice, assistance, personnel and office infrastructure for all stages of development.