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At Venista Ventures, we promote talents from various business areas such as mobile marketing, creative design, product development and information technology. We are proud to employ individuals with character and in-depth knowledge of the mobile market and its many playgrounds.

Information technology
& development

Our skilled IT team is a well-rounded equipe of experts who provide accurate programming as well as IT administration at its best. Having been in the game already when services and information technology were only desktop themes, these IT veterans have made a great transition to mobile and combine the best of these two worlds.

Mobile marketing
& product management

Our product managers have gathered extensive experience in their specific mobile markets all over the world. They know every tweak of modern mobile marketing to promote mobile ideas in the suiting environment. Our product managers and marketing specialists work hand in hand to be right at the vanguard of mobile developments.

& design

Our communications team brings together experience in media and up-to-date PR management. They help our ventures to build public awareness for their mobile products. Our qualified graphic designers take care of our products in a visual way. They make sure that our ventures get an original visual concept and a breathtaking appearance.

& back office

Our controlling team makes sure that every figure is right where it belongs. They provide the basis to give Venista Ventures the opportunity to invest into mobile ideas. The staff around the strategic decision makers ensures that everyone is able to excel at his personal job with a great sense of thoughtfulness.

The team

Let’s get to know our exceptional team

Individuals with character and in-depth knowledge of the mobile market and its many playgrounds.

  • Armin Stadler - Head of Product Management -

    "Look what's going on."

    Updated knowledge about markets and technological innovations is the backbone of any mobile business development. Within Venista's network, Armin provides this information and brings it together while building mobile business cases.

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  • Lydia Hübert - Finance & Accounting -

    "Money talks and I listen"

    Lydia makes sure all of our portfolio companies file in for their different tax accountants at the right time and in the right form. As an accounting expert, she is able to prepare accountancy blindfolded and will hold everyone accountable.

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  • Frank Towell - Content Manager -

    "Content is king."

    A product is only as good as the benefit it provides for the customer, which is why Frank spends his day researching, procuring and optimizing content for our partner companies and investments. Frank ensures customers are able to use and enjoy mobile services regardless of hardware.

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  • Thorsten Reinecke - Head of Design -

    "It's all about that pixel."

    Thorsten has been working in mobile and web design for a long time. His creative advice will combine an artistic appeal with a clear layout for commercial success. If there's to be a new product anywhere on the mobile web, Thorsten and his team will make sure it's a beauty.

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  • Tim Taentzscher - Accounting -

    "Give me the money"

    Venista Ventures is not only about creating a profitable business. It's also about getting the money from your customers in a smooth way. As an expert in finance, Tim overviews the billing process of some of the portfolio companies and makes sure that the cash flow never stops.

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  • Anne Drösser - Team Assistant - Entertainment Services -

    "Organization is everything."

    Anne is a key go-to person for the management of our holding companies. A wonder of organization, Anne helps our network keep its pace. She's In charge of overviewing the agenda of stakeholders and coordinating progress by persistent schedule management.

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  • Torben Leers - Customer Care Manager -

    "Glad you're calling."

    Torben manages a vast network of international service providers and customer care specialists, ready to provide a top level of support for new mobile businesses. Wherever our partners hit a market, Torben has an infrastructure for dedicated communication in place.

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  • Peter Hartmann - Head of Finance & Controlling -

    "Numbers don't lie."

    Overseeing all cash flows, KPIs and processes, Peter is in charge of the Venista accounting and reporting system. As an expert in analysis and evaluation, he turns abstract figures into an actual business strategy. Peter is always ahead of the process and is the right person to have on board steering the ship to success.

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  • Oliver Preuss - Graphic Designer -

    "Design is art."

    Oliver likes to get creative all the time. Specializing in design, he always turns business cases into an art form and enjoys combining a good product with an exciting appearance.

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  • Christopher Henseler - Project Manager -

    "How about that?"

    Christopher has come a long way at Venista. After starting as a student assistant, he is now an essential part of the product management team and is constantly bringing new innovative ideas to Venista Ventures. Christopher specializes in market potential analysis as well as in identifying new trends in the mobile sector.

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  • Beatrice Cullefors - Junior Controller -

    "I read your numbers"

    Forecasts and financial statements – that is what Beatrice provides to the core of Venista’s portfolio. You have an incredible business idea? Give her the figures and she’ll tell if you got a profitable case on your mind.

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  • Giorgio Marongiu - Senior Project Manager -

    "Validate your ideas."

    As the elder statesman of the product management team, Giorgio benefits from a huge amount of experience in the online and especially in the mobile sector. He is able to evaluate chances as well as risks in minimal time and helps our ventures to find the right market at the right time.

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  • Joshua Schiffmann - Media Designer -

    "Function follows form"

    Joshua makes sure creative design meets excellent usability. As our dedicated media designer, he ensures mobile products explore all possibilities the specific devices offer.

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  • Human Resources Manager - Human Resources Manager -

    "I'll take care of that."

    Nicole takes care of a key position at Venista and is responsible for all administrative as well as human resources solutions. At the heart of the organization, she is the first point of contact for all new as well as present employees of Venista and its ventures.

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    Yes, we‘re hiring!

    We hold an important asset that many other players can't offer: We have, we are and we will continue to shape the mobile industry into the future.

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The management

We are proud to feature a team second to no other

A group of talents coming together from different backgrounds and various mentalities sharing one common goal: Driving mobile innovations with great passion!

"We showcase uncompromising focus"

Christian shows uncompromising focus on the key things that shape the performance in this diverse and dynamic market. A native of Cologne, Germany, he put his full attention and his relentless work ethic into starting his own business while still in his early twenties. Structured, straightforward and orderly, he's a classic doer.

The management
Christian Teichert - CEO & Founder -

"Winning people with ideas!"

Fast-moving and constantly discovering new opportunities, Oliver drives Venista's innovation and international presence. Hailing from Germany's former capital Bonn, he rose to an executive position at a major network operator before deciding to take on the responsibility as a business founder. Eloquent, imaginative and still hungry, he's the motor behind Venista's progression.

The management
Oliver Wimmeroth - Founder -

"Show me your potential!"

Strategy, forecasts, controlling and decisions – as the man responsible for operations management Frank plays a central role in our organization. A graduate of business informatics and formerly a manager in logistics and supply chain management, he focuses on optimizing processes, efficiency in projects and strategic controlling. Frank oversees the activities of all members of the Venista family and keeps an eye on all the ventures' success. Strategic, focused and simply smart, he's the operational mind of Venista.

The management
Frank Maschmeier - Chief Operating Officer -