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Ströer Digital acquires KissMyAds from Venista Ventures

Cologne - Effective today, long-time venture of Venista KissMyAds has been acquired by the German digital multi-channel media company Ströer Digital Group. “It is a very rewarding deal for Venista Ventures: A company and team that we have helped build is now joining...

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7 Lessons to tackle Mobile Marketing Fraud

7 Lessons to tackle Mobile Marketing Fraud

Our COO Frank Maschmeier reveals important insights into the world of mobile marketing fraud – and how to defy it. With the rise of mobile performance marketing, fraud has grown to become one of the biggest challenges the industry faces today. Although people have...

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“A Chance to Fundamentally Change The Way Men Shop.”

“A Chance to Fundamentally Change The Way Men Shop.”

Matt Alexander, Founder and CEO of Need, opens up about the beginnings of Need and how he teamed up with Venista Ventures. "On a dreary afternoon in December 2012, I found myself running through rainy London streets to meet with Venista co-founder, Oliver Wimmeroth....

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