Cologne – Venista Ventures today announces the company incorporation of Codinc, a new subsidiary and incubation result of Venista. The new company will be based in Cologne and will employ the former IT-team of Venista as well as additional IT-specialists from all around the world. Besides providing crucial IT-solutions to Venista’s investment portfolio, Codinc will offer services for external clients in the sphere of the mobile industry.

“In the past, we saw that our IT team provided great software solutions to all of our portfolio companies”, says Christian Teichert, founder and CEO of Venista. “With our growing engagement in mobile marketing and mobile ad-tech, we identified a huge potential in our Venista-exclusive services that could help all of the participants in this growing sector.”

Building unique ad-tech products in order to maximize profits and performances for all mobile players, Codinc will focus on fields such as mobile messaging and primarily mobile marketing, where the team members have gathered in-depth experience over more than a decade. Furthermore, Codinc will still be a driving force in Venista’s own incubation services as it will provide IT consultation and solutions to new startups in the Venista group.

“As a team, we are excited about the new challenges which will come with the start of Codinc”, explains managing director and co-founder Artur Pogoda de la Vega, who’ll be responsible for the internal incubation projects of Codinc. “Over the years, we always had the chance to work on our own ideas during our working hours and are ready to show the world what we’ve got in store.”

In addition to Artur, Alexander Malysh will also serve as a managing director and is the co-founder of Codinc. The former Senior Software Engineer of Venista will oversee all external business of Codinc. Besides of the Cologne-based team, Codinc has also already established a Ukrainian team in Kiev that provides crucial programming skills and coding. Organizational teams such as human resources, PR and marketing as well as graphics and administration will be provided by the main staff of Venista Ventures.




Codinc offers software solutions to help maximize profits and performance of its partners in the mobile industry with a primary focus on mobile marketing, messaging and mobile integration of existing