We all have never been more aware of our economic and ecologic responsibility than in the past months. Sustainable business models are key to fight climate change and reduce several million tons of waste every year. The global amount of electronic waste alone is projected with 51m tons in 2020, a testimony for our throw away society.

We are very excited to announce our investment in circuly alongside Sebastian Kotzwander (Founder of Grünspar) and Venista portfolio alumnus Jakob Rehermann (Founder of datapine). Seing companies like Grover, Swapfiets or Rent The Runway emerge, we believe it’s time for an enabling technology like circuly’s SaaS tool. There are plenty of goods, whether it’s baby products, fitness equipment or electronics, people only need temporary in their lifes or which they just want to try out several weeks before deciding to purchase it. Founded by Victoria Erdbrügger and Nick Huijs, circuly’s software enables companies to launch and scale their renting business for physical goods. It also covers the management of the refurbishment process of returned products and helps merchants to increase their margin. Thereby, they also support the shift from a linear towards a circular economy.

Although they are still in their very early days, Victoria and Nick managed to staff their team with highly motivated folks, who share their vision of strengthening the circular economy. While being part of Founders Foundation’s accelerator program, they got valuable insights from strong mentors and advisors and also sourced their first employees through this network. Now it’s time to strategically complement the team, to further accelerate product development and growth.

As Venista Ventures, we are now supporting in growing the business and honing the product. We fundamentally believe, that Victoria, Nick and their team will be able to gain rapid momentum and establish circuly as the go to SaaS tool in this vertical. If you as a reader want to be part of this journey, reach out and be along the early-adopters.