Need, a curated monthly retailer and lifestyle magazine for men, announced its launch today. Each month, Need artfully crafts a limited and hand-picked selection of products – including clothing, literature, furniture, coffee, alcohol and artwork – befitting the modern, discerning gentleman. Collections are coupled with independent journalism, editorial photography, illustrations, and film, sourced exclusively from independent creators, thereby allowing Need to give back to the communities supporting the platform.

Need’s inaugural collection features items from Jiberish, Filson, Nudie Jeans Co., Red Wing Heritage, hook + ALBERT and Fjällräven. November’s issue was photographed and directed by JerSean Golatt and Tyler Sharp; Kyle Steed will produce December’s issue.

Need closed its initial seed funding round in early-2013 comprised of local angel investors and prominent German investment group, Venista Ventures. Since then, Need has completed development of its proprietary platform with acclaimed development group Mobelux and garnered partnerships with over 70 top brands.

“In creating Need, we sought to reimagine and streamline the shopping experience for today’s modern, discerning – and time-strapped – gentleman,” stated Need founder and CEO Matt Alexander. “We are exceedingly proud of the result and are grateful for the support of our board, early partners, and the investment community.”

“Need prides itself on its technology, which innovates in the fields of e-commerce and publications. Built from scratch for Need by development partner, Mobelux – known for building the first iterations of Tumblr’s apps and popular social platform, Elixr – the back-end enables Need to harness unprecedented data, trends, and usage scenarios to operate with greater agility, versatility, and efficiency than its competition.”

“In the future, Need’s unique business model will also bring exclusive, limited edition, and co-branded product runs, otherwise unavailable in person or online. In December 2013, for instance, Need will launch a line of custom men’s shirts in association with Rye 51.

Need intends to quickly grow to become a localized resource for men in metropolitan markets around the world. Rather than offering a one-size-fits-all storefront, Need will curate, sell, and publish to befit particular cities in the U.S. and Europe.




Need is a men’s lifestyle service and publication selling a hand-picked selection of clothing, literature, film, furniture, and more each month.