User acquisition is a core element of the mobile performance marketing strategies operated by today’s global brands; in the last five years, worldwide mobile ad spends have gone up by over 600%, underlining the increasing importance of this marketing channel. With its takeover of TAB, PIA is expanding its mobile marketing competencies in order to offer its brand clients the ability to deliver and scale relevant mobile content – and to make data-driven marketing decisions. Positioning itself as the “gateway between brands and consumers”, TAB offers suitable marketing strategies for all relevant challenges in the mobile space. With its proprietary intelligent cost-per-install (CPI) platform, algorithm-managed target group analysis,and post-install optimisation programme, TAB offers maximum mobile reach and best-possible efficiency. The agency driven by mobile performance is there to support its clients, network them, and help them classify consumer types with the aim of identifying individually targeted mobile media channels and acquiring high-value, active app users. Set up in 2016 by Managing Director Matthias Lesch, TAB now has a team of 30 people from 10 different countries based in Berlin and San Francisco; clients include HBONow, Spotify, Ströer and Modomoto.

Working with Claus Bröckers, Managing Director of PIA subsidiary Performance Media, Matthias Lesch will continue in his role leading TAB while setting up and driving the growth of a performance mobile group (PMG) in the PIA Group.

“We are delighted that, in Matthias Lesch, we will be welcoming a successful entrepreneur with an international team into the PIA Group. Our acquisition of TAB will allow us to strengthen the core brand of PIA and expand into the USA. In the months to follow, we will work with Matthias on technology acquisition, team growth, and international expansion,” says Christian Tiedemann, CEO of PIA.

“PIA is the leading data-driven marketing service provider in Germany, and we are delighted at the prospect of being able to access its network of over 700 experts,” says Matthias Lesch, Managing Director of TAB. “This partnership adds significant value for existing and new clients alike – and will help us to keep growing in mobile performance marketing as we also expand into new business areas over the coming years.”

“By acquiring TAB we are adding considerable resources to our expertise in mobile and in-app business, which will add a great deal of value for the group as a whole. With its performance-orientated, efficient approach, TAB’s scope is the ideal compliment to our range of services – and this will be of tangible benefit to our customers in the coming years,” says Claus Bröckers, Managing Director of Performance Media.

TAB will continue trading under its own name with no changes to its current management team; the two companies have agreed to keep the purchase price confidential.