Spyke Media, the mobile marketing agency, which connects advertisers and app developers with the right audiences, has just turned five. The company has recently launched an innovative chatbot marketing model. Frank Maschmeier, CEO of Spyke Media, has shared the story of Spyke Media, and his vision and future focus for the company with us.

“When I think about our great project that formed 5 years ago and is still growing at fast speed, I always see one image: people that enjoy great times, energetic folks that party together. And now, as Spyke Media turns five, it is again time to celebrate. What started back in 2013 as an internal project within Venista Ventures’ Cologne-based online marketing development has fast grown to a global mobile performance marketing specialist with a great international team working not just here at our headquarters, but also in our branch offices in Tel Aviv, Manila and Johannesburg. We started with a team of 3 guys experimenting somewhere in a corner of our old office, but have now become an operation of 30 people.

It is interesting to see constant elements and evolution at work. The master DNA hasn’t changed: We’re Mobile, Performance, Marketing. We started as a solution provider to help advertisers roll out mobile marketing in the most efficient, risk-free way: paying only when an action follows upon marketing. This approach has shaped our way of thinking ever since and keeps dominating our company genetics. But evolution and adaptation to the industry’s great dynamics have also let us develop a whole new set of products, services, approaches and ideas. If we have a marketplace at our core, allowing advertisers and mobile affiliates to connect in an efficient way, we also have built strong capacities in the way an agency offers combined solutions to its clients. Spyke Media now has a team of downright App Promotion experts. We launched our very own CPB, chatbot-based performance marketing model, last year. We are currently integrating advanced mobile messaging solutions to integrate with our partners, tailor-made by GTX Messaging, another company developed within Venista and now joining our Spyke team. And we are exploring meaningful ways for our advertising partners to benefit from new modes of mobile marketing, such as influencer marketing.

All in all, these five years have been quite a ride. With a team that cares about great relationships with international partners and a group of enthusiasts that like to party together. This happens regularly in our office, at the trade shows in Las Vegas, Barcelona, Cologne, New York etc. Our friends, partners and new acquaintances always enjoy this side of our company. It’s a great feeling to see a business grow not just in my Excel sheets, but also partying on board of the Rhine boat we hire each year ahead of dmexco, where we understand that digital marketing is much more than numbers.

But now, this one number is what I would like to celebrate: 5. We’re celebrating 5 years of Spyke. And looking forward to the next 5.”


The article was originally published on mobyaffiliates.com